Flipped Learning

At Southampton University I successfully flipped the learning  on my course ‘Design Skills for Maps and Presentations’ part of the Curriculum Innovation Project.  I recorded Prezi presentations using Screenflow software and used survey questions in Blackboard to gather student answers to self assessment questions.  The flipped approach was popular amongst students and I presented the idea at a full seminar at Southampton.

February ’12 – June ’15


At the University of Hertfordshire I am training a team of academics in the techniques needed to use flipped learning.  They are producing a new MSc course which has just gone through validation.  I am supporting them in using Office Mix as the main tool to produce learning content.

Julia Petty 3/3/16 on my work:

“Firstly, thank you for your support and input on Tuesday’s validation – great work. I am sure Greg and Audrey have said but the use of learning technology including your role and input (and you were named) was one of the commendations so well done.”

February ’16 onwards